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Adam Bertocci - Press, Awards and Honors



Bachelor of Science, Northwestern University, class of 2005:
major in radio-television-film, minor in English literature.

Eagle Scout, BSA.



Films written and/or directed by Adam have
won awards, nominations and citations from…

ReelHeART International Film Festival, Bare Bones Film Festival,
Chicago REEL Shorts Fest, Houston Comedy Film Festival,
Washington DC Independent Film Festival,
Fargo Film Festival, Downstream Independent Film Festival,
Macabre Faire Film Festival, CUNY Film Festival, Chain NYC Film Festival,
Kapow Intergalactic Film Festival, End of Days Film Festival,
International Family Film Festival, Fresno Films Involving Local Movie Makers,
Fresno State Student Film Festival, the Young Artist Awards and the End of Days Film Festival.

… and screened at such prestigious venues as…
New Filmmakers / Anthology Film Archives, the Tribeca Cinemas,
St. Louis International Film Festival, LA Shorts Fest,
Rhode Island International Film Festival and
WNET 13, the largest PBS station in America.

His feature film screenplays have been honored
at numerous screenwriting competitions, including…

Writers on the Storm (semifinalist)
Beverly Hills Film Festival (semifinalist)



Jen's Favorite Authors
"I guess I figured, huh, I'd better write some books now. "

Ten Minute Interviews
"What is your personal Mount Rushmore of movies?"

Let's Interview Authors
"His path has been, to say it simply, meandering."

Short End Magazine - "The Idiosyncratic and Fantastical Adam Bertocci"
"… there’s a playfulness with the lines of fantasy and reality.
It’s as if Bertocci is constantly jumping from one side to the other,
blending and separating the two at will."

Northwestern Chronicle - "Who you gonna call? Bertocci!"
"When first asked what he will do when he graduates, Bertocci says, 'starve.'"



for "A Brilliant Monster"

That Moment In"A chilling, ambitious independent film that does the genre right, taking smart risks that offer plenty of challenges."
IndyRed"If you like horror films that actually try and get under your skin… this one's for you."
Dread Central"One of the strongest films to come out of the indie horror scene in 2017."
Starburst"A cut above… shot through with jet black humour… it poses a few intriguing questions."

for "Caitlin Among the Beasts"

Ain't-it-Cool-News"A funny short that taps into family issues."

for "The Caddywhompus Years"

Film Threat — "A healthy dose of comic authenticity… honest and grounded."
Sara Benincasa"Check out The Caddywhompus Years! It's a short film with dancing and smart feelings and thoughts."

for "Go Scratch: A Dreamer's Documentary"

Film Threat — "There's no denying that it's a well-shot film… intriguing."

for "Veronica's Vengeance"

The Library Police"About as pitch-black a black comedy as you can get… hilarious… plays out in no way like you expect it's going to."

for "The Usual Werewolves"

MotherEffingBooks"It's funny and adorable and I cannot believe how much I liked it."

for "Overthinking Ghostbusters"

Caitlin Moran"Amazing."
Sara Benincasa"I will read this forever."
io9"A great in-depth look at every aspect of Ghostbusters."

for "The Fairfield County Friday Night Gridiron Bonanza"

The Library Police"A really well-realized character study… nails these high school interactions to a huge degree… It's a really great piece of work."

for "Two Gentlemen of Lebowski"

Entertainment Weekly
USA Today
The New Republic"This is so good I'm publishing multiple excerpts."
GQ"A blast to read."
The Wall Street Journal
The Guardian
The Toronto Star
The Atlantic
Metro (UK)"Adam Bertocci's brilliant."
Back StageCritic's Pick
BroadwayWorld "The script is quite brilliant."
BroadwayWorld "Written by the incredibly talented Adam Bertocci, it is arguably one of the most inventive pieces ever created."
Cinematical "It's the greatest thing since Geoffrey Chaucer."
Film School Rejects "A hilariously astute effort."
Wired "One of the best."
Time Out New York "Clever."
Library Journal "Recommended."
Bookish "The cream of the crop."
Creative Loafing Tampa "The best book I read this year… it's a great read, man."
RSC Shakespeare (The Royal Shakespeare Company) "Hysterical."
Folger Magazine (The Folger Shakespeare Library) "Laugh-out-loud funny."
Lebowski Podcast
The Dudespaper
Oxford University Press"Bertocci has proven himself a hell of an Achiever. Am I wrong?"
As It Happens (CBC Radio)
Open Culture "An impressive feat… Bertocci really shines."
AOL PopEater "A magical thing."
NY Press
De Standaard
WUTC Chattanooga (NPR)
The Tuscaloosa News "Lovely madness."
Boomtron (with interview) — "Tearfully hilarious."
Boston Lowbrow "Bertocci's writing is solid, clever and witty."
Onomotopoeia "I'm not alone in my admiration for Bertocci's script."
Inside New York "Adam Bertocci's brilliantly-crafted script is… replete with Shakespearean wit, film-geek puns and general hilarity."
The Rundown"Off-Off-Broadway's hottest ticket… a smartly written parody of Shakespearean comic archetypes and quotable pop culture."
Culture Mob"One doesn’t like to use the word ‘genius’ casually, lest it lose a measure of its shine, but what Bertocci has achieved here is in the same ballpark."
The Authors Speak"By far, this is one of the most inspired little pieces of comedy that I've come across in some time, and it's one of those gems that I'm telling everyone about. You just have to procure this book."
The Library Police"Brilliant—and I really can't say enough how brilliant… it just fires on every cylinder."

for "Love: The Movie"

The Independent Critic — "An audience pleaser… How can you not love a film with such spirit?… 'Love: The Movie' gives us a promising director."

for "The Chopped-Off Hands of Star Wars"

E! Online — "Have you ever wondered what happened to Darth Vader's chopped-off hand? Well, neither have we. But Adam Bertocci has, and he wants you to know."
IGN — "Sure to make drooling Star Wars fanboys everywhere crap their pants laughing."
USA Today
Chicago Sun-Times

for "Sparky"

Film Threat — "Three stars… a younger Woody Allen."

for "Run Leia Run"

DVD Review — "Wilder than a night out in the bars of Mos Eisley."



Nightline (ABC; August 24, 2012)
Lugar Incomum (Brazilian TV)



Anthology Film Archives
New York Comic-Con
Lebowski Fest



Time Magazine — Person of the Year, 2006