Feature film, King Street Pictures. Produced and directed by Eric Mandelbaum.
My job: graphic artist.

I was the graphic artist in charge of posters (for production design, not publicity) on this gig.

This was my first job out of college, and my first time providing services to a proper indie feature with some sort of budget. Needless to say it was an incredible experience, as well as unusual, in that the posters I would be designing would not be to advertise the film I was hired for! In fact, I'd be making posters for movies that didn't exist!

One of the central locations of Uncertain Terms is an office for Hottpix Productions, where two of the main characters work; they write and produce exploitation films of varying levels of quality and integrity. I designed about twenty different ideas in mockup for posters, which were pared down to eleven (later twelve). I helped supervise the photography of live elements—models etc.—though the pictures themselves were shot by Juliana Thomas. (I also managed to cameo in one of them!) I then used Photoshop to bring my mockup designs to life. Production designer Heather Wellik took it from there.

Click the individual posters to see them:

Snake Eyes Stingray Overexposed Cold Hard Killer B. Jailmate The King of Hearts New City Over her Shoulder Lock and Load Agent Sidewinder / Blue Night

A closer look at the logo I designed for the fictional production company: