Short film, Gotham Creative. Produced by Jim Guzzi and Tamara Laine, directed by Kelley J. Brower.
My job: editor / titles.

A backstage comedy about the goings-on at a low-rent theatre academy called for a fun, "show biz" kind of feel to the titles, while being careful not to make the titles any more impressive than anything the characters themselves would be capable of.

Case in point: the title of the piece is revealed as part of the characters' self-produced promotional video. I tried to think back to the cheap title-and-graphic generators in the days of VHS editing in the high school AV room.

As we move from class to class, segment to segment, we used stills of the empty sets and simple titles to make the transition.

The end credits brought us back to that cheap "show biz" feel… the roar of the greasepaint etc. etc.