Short film, Northwestern University. Directed by Andy Garland, produced by Elizabeth Petersen, Justin Rainier and Darren Shi.
My job: titles.

This period piece was a real challenge. The goal was to create an accurate representation of the titles cards as seen in these films, but as if they were fresh and new, untouched by (too much of) the grain and scratches of time. Sometimes I needed to modify or create individual letters whenever I could not track down the exact font in the limited time I had. I then composited simple film grain and scratches.

Watch some of the titles here. Sadly the Web compression kills some of the film grain effects I did.


Below: A frame of an original period title card, followed by my re-imagining. Some changes were made to the original framing of the titles to make sure no elements spilled outside the broadcast-safe area.


The main title:


The "Star Film" logo — original followed by my recreation: